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We imagine a virtual space where the people can take back power and forge a path forward for themselves



We need direct engagement, now more than ever

As our governmental institutions are failing and our social fabric is torn by companies that profit from online vitriol, we imagine a virtual space where the people can take back power and forge a path forward for themselves beyond the confines of the traditional political system.  We believe that Portland’s strong civil society and political paralysis make it fertile ground for this exciting new mode of democratic participation.

GovThePpl is not just an app but seeks to be a process by which everyday people can discuss issues with mutual respect, uncover hidden areas of agreement, and design policy solutions to pressing issues.  We believe that there are generally acceptable solutions to many issues that appear too politicized for traditional institutions to handle.  We seek to unite the people with experts to assist their understanding of the issues and with policy makers see their will done.

We seek to create a free and open-source application that allows users to participate in the democratic process directly, share multimedia about the issues, and engage in polls and discussion.  As such, those with iOS/Android experience and web developers are needed.  We also desire input from psychologists, sociologists, and technology researchers to implement systems that prioritize pro-social behavior over engagement at all costs.

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